Terms and Conditions

General warranty of Piezo Parts Co., Ltd. (“Our Company” hereafter)
against our products and commodities as follows,
unless it is specified particularly in the contracts, specifications or any other documents.

Applicable items
The following warranty will be applicable to our manufactured and selling products
or selling commodities only.
Expendable accessories such as batteries or any other supplies fabricated
by any other companies will not be applicable.

Terms of period
The period of warranty term is various. It depends on the each products and commodities.
Please contact our sales staff in charge of you directly for further information.

In case, problems arise due to the responsibility on our end within the warranty period,
we will offer either exchange or repairing for the replacement.
Regardless of the above, the following problems listed below will not to be covered.
Although, the starting date and period of warranty will maintain as it is.

The failures, damages or defects caused by or induced by due to the handling,
usage or application under inappropriately or generally not recommended conditions
    or the environment.
Ⅱ.The failures, damages or defects caused by or induced by due to carelessness or negligence
     on customer’s end.
Ⅲ.The failures, damages or defects caused by or induced by due to transportation, re-location,
    dropping or any other on customer’s end after the completion of delivery.
Ⅳ.Any other products, consumables, parts, equipment and more which are not made or sell by us.
Ⅴ.The failures, damages or defects caused by unexpected force due to it was impossible
     to forecast the level of science and technology at the time.
Ⅵ.The failures, damages or defects caused by inevitable force of external factors such as fire,
    or a natural disaster such as earthquake, lightning, wind, flood damage and so on.
Ⅶ.The failures, damages or defects caused by storing improperly in an inappropriate atmosphere
     such as it has a possibility of adherence corrosive gas, organic solvent, chemical solution or any.
Ⅷ.In case, it is impossible to provide the required documents to support the proof of the purchase
    such as receipts, invoices, etc.

Exclusion of warranty obligation 
Regardless of the warranty period, exclusion of warranty obligation will be the impediment
or accident compensation caused by not on our end responsibilities. 
Also, customers opportunity loss, Lost profits, secondary damage or any other company’s products
failure caused by not on our end responsibilities will be exclusion of warranty obligation as well.

Limitation of use
Our products are designed and manufactured as general purpose of use for general industry and research.
Therefore, it is inapplicable of warranty under following application of use.
However, we will consider the exception if the customer takes their own responsibility
and necessary safety measures and agreed to the understanding of our products specification,
value and capability sufficiently. Please contact us for your consideration first.
Even though, it came across to be applicable for the irregular use,
the range of warranty will be as same as mentioned above.

 I.The usage will lead or be predicted a significant impact on human life or property
   due to nuclear power, aerospace, space, railroads, ships, vehicles, medical equipment,
   transportation equipment, etc.
Ⅱ.The usage requires high reliability and safety of electricity, gas and water supply systems.
Ⅲ.Obviously, it will be used under dangerous conditions or environment.
IV.Regards to safety relating to all of the above, the usage requires high consideration and caution.