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★★★ NOTICE ★★★

Film Thickness Monitor Crystal Case for 10 pieces has been remodeled.

Since July 1st, 2018, we have switched to the new case.

The new case makes it possible to detach the lid.

By doing so, a user can pick any of the 10 crystals easily.

This saves the trouble of having to rotate the case repeatedly for every use, which is expected to contribute to increasing your work efficiency.

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Professional Manufacturer of Quartz Crystal Sensors

Piezo Parts Co., Ltd

Piezo Parts Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of quartz crystal sensor.

Quartz crystal sensors measure frequencies to high precision which is realized by the inverse piezoelectric effect. Crystal oscillators are used in quartz watches, wireless communications, computers and many other uses with quartz crystal sensors functioning as the principal element generating the required frequency accurately.

Our main business is professional manufacturing of quartz crystal sensors which are vital components in the optical and electronics industry nowadays.

The quartz crystal sensor’s usage has been expanding more than ever due to the diversification of the manufacturing process in recent times.
Thus, the quartz crystal sensors need to be customized accordingly while maintaining its quality and stability.

In fact, we will make our best efforts to meet our customers’ expectations.
Our business also involves refabricating our used quartz crystal sensors, making them as good as new. By doing so we are contributing to cost reduction, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Our products are used not only domestically, but also internationally!

Please feel free to contact us for further inquiry.

QCM Sensor

When material adheres to the electrode surface on QCM sensor, the resonant frequency decreases according to the material mass which is in the nano range.

In other words, QCM sensor is capable of sensing nano-gram
level of mass, causing it to function as an incredibly accurate
mass balance in the nano range.

QCM sensor can be potentially used as a bio-sensor, an odor-sensor or a hazardous gas detecting sensor. Moreover, it can also be a useful tool in medical or bio-technological industries for its diverse applications.

We have specialized in this business since 1990 in Japan; hence, we have been keeping our products high in quality, accuracy and stability with our technique cultivated throughout history

Our Goal and Effort

Besides the film thickness monitor crystal, we have been putting effort into developing our QCM products.
We are also focusing on diversifying QCM applications.

We have been working on to improve our products with our own fabricating method, and also dedicating more effort into quality control and inspection.
Thus, we are confident that our products are high in quality and stability.

Fortunately, we are receiving good reviews from our customers, most of which relating the increase in their yield rates to the use of our products. 
Till now they continue purchasing our products.

Our customer’s satisfaction is our greatest pleasure.
We continuously devote ourselves to offer assurance in product quality to our customers.

Other than improving our current products by strict management and inspection, we have also been working on new development for wider QCM applications in technological and medical field.

Furthermore, we have been expanding our business overseas
to receive global cooperation.
Our goal is to contribute to a multitude of technological developments for a better future.

Extensive Expertise

Excellent in Design

  Design to minimize secondary oscillation

Customization to Meet Customers’ Needs



Reliable Technical Support

 Providing consistent technical support

Quality Production

Minimizing individual difference of products

 All shipment inspection is enforced

 Strict jig management in polishing process

Considering small lot order

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