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QCM sensors undergo shift in their resonant frequencies to detect mass changes when substances adhere to their electrode surface.

Therefore, they can detect mass changes in the nano range and commonly function as ultra sensitive mass sensors.

Provides self-designed kits that is easy to carry and QCM sensors.


QCM Trial Kit

Simple Frequency Measuring Kit

Do you face any of the following difficulties?

・Bought QCMs but unsure of how to use them
・Using a complex measuring system
・Unsure of the measuring method
・Wanting to observe frequency change easily (preliminary tests)
・Looking for lightness and portability in measuring apparatus

Introducing [QCM Trial Kit], developed by us for those who face the above difficulties. Measurements can be done by just connecting to your PC. Perfect for customers wanting to conduct quick or preliminary tests.

Measuring Frequency9MHz (Measurable range 4MHz~20MHz)
Measuring ChQCM1ch
Gate Time0.1/1.0[sec]
Measuring PeriodContinuous
Frequency ResolutionBelow 0.1ppm (In case of 1s Gate Time)
Product ContentFrequency counter(1) QCM sensors(3) PCB for sensors(3) Software installer disc(1) microUSB cable(


Simple Frequency Measuring Kit

Good news for customers who are short on time or budget but want to measure microscopic mass changes. Introducing the kit that makes simple tests and measurements possible just by connecting to a PC.

[Do you face any of the following difficulties?]

・Wanting to conduct experiments to detect microscopic mass changes but curbed by high cost
・Unable to obtain results shortly after experiment
・Unsure of the measuring method for small mass change of desired substance

We recommend [TQCM] as the solution to the problems above.

TQCM quantifies the mass of substances in the nano level while being affordable and easy to use. Utilisation of 3 sensors allows separate or averaged measurements to be spread out over a space instead of a single spot.


・Simultaneous measurements spread out over a space, results can be averaged (in the case of more than 1 sensor used)
・Allows designation of measurement as reference value
・Able to measure extremely small mass
・Operational by just connecting to your PC

※Feel free to contact us for inquiry.

Measuring Frequency9MHz (Measurable range 8MHz~20MHz)
Measuring ChQCM3ch simultaneous measurements + temperature・humidity・atmospheric pressure
Gate Time0.5/1.0[sec]
Measuring PeriodContinuous, 1sec, 10sec, 60sec
Frequency ResolutionBelow 0.1ppm (In case of 1s Gate Time)Continuous, 1sec, 10sec, 60sec\
Product ContentFrequency counter(1) QCM sensors(6) PCB for sensors(5) Environmental sensor(1) Software installer disc(1) microUSB cable(1) USB extension cables(

QCM Sensor

Aspects9MHz Standard20MHz Standard9MHz Custom20MHz Custom
Electrode MaterialAu・Ag・Al-alloy Au・Ag・Al-alloyAuAu
Centre Frequency9,000KHz20,000kHz9,000KHz20,000kHz
Frequency Tolerance±10kHz±20kHz±10kHz±20kHz
Cut AngleAT-cut AT-cut AT-cutAT-cut
Processed ShapePlano ConvexFlat FlatFlat
Surface FinishingLappedLappedPolishedPolished
Hermetic Seal49/uUM-149/uUM-1
MountSlit mountSlit mountSlit mountSlit mount
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