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Company Overview

Company Name
Piezo Parts Co., Ltd.
Yusuke Hayakawa
In October, 1990
JPY 10,000,000
Our Bank
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.,
The Tama Shinkin Bank

Business Activities

Manufacturing and Selling Quartz Monitor Crystal
Manufacturing and Selling QCM sensors
Manufacturing and Selling QCM Trial Kit
Manufacturing and Selling AFFINIX Series
Undertaking to Re-fabricate Quartz Monitor Crystals
Selling Monitor Glasses
Undertaking to Process Physical Vapor Deposition on behalf
Selling Expendable Supplies for EBPVD Equipment
Manufacturing and Selling Rubber-tipped Tweezer


“Good Sensor, Good Control”
Management Principal
We do not wish to pursue our business expansion recklessly, blindly or greedily.
We DO our best to bring all our business associated people’s happiness with faith and our original technologies.


Operation Policy :
“For all our customers, employees and locals to share joy and gratification with us.”
1) To our customers:

Our utmost pleasure and to feel the worth of work are to receive satisfaction voice from customers; for instance, ‘Since we switched to your company’s products, our products’ precision increased” or “Our yield rate increased”.

2) To our employees:

Our motto is “POSITIVE, ENERGETIC and FUN”, and our goal to create a workplace where employees say, “I am glad THAT I am working for this company”.

3) To local community:

First of all, we promise to NOT cause any nuisance.
In addition to that, it is our ideal to realize the coexistence with all locals in mutual prosperity.

Quality Policy :
“For our customer’s reliance”
We strive to ensure high performance and consistent quality.

Environmental Policy :
“For the good health of mankind and the planet”
We endeavor to improve and conserve nature with abundant greens for the environmental preservation.

Company History

Oct,1990Established in Miyama-Cho, Hachiouji City, Tokyo.
Dec,1990Production Started
Jun,1992Acquired second factory in Kawaguchi district, Hachiouji-city, Tokyo
Mar,1994The DPE service begins as Miyama Color
Oct,1997Headquarters factory moved to Shimo-Ongata Industrial Complex in Hachiouji-city, Tokyo
Mar,2001Established associated company, Mega Electronics Co., Ltd. in Izumozaki-town, Santo County, Niigata Prefecture
Jan,2007Obtained a patent for a Crystal Oscillator, Film Thickness Monitors(patent number 3907103)
Dec,2009Established Taiwan Branch (Piezo Parts Taiwan)
Jul,2010Adopted to New Businesses/Products, Joint Research and Developing New Technology
Nov,2013Adopted to MONOZUKURI Small and Medium Enterprises Trial Manufacture Development Subsidy.※Meaning of MONOZUKURI includes manufacturing, craftsmanship, making things by hand


Postal code: 192-0154
831-3 Shimo-Ongata machi, Hachioji-city Tokyo, Japan

Izumozaki Factory

Postal code: 949-4352
488-9 Daimon, Izumozaki-machi, Santo-gun Niigata, Japan

Taiwan Branch(Piezo Parts Taiwan)

No.19 Bainian 5th St. Longtan Township,Taoyuan County, Taiwan

Our Goal and Effort

Besides the film thickness monitor crystal, we have been putting effort into developing our QCM products.We are also focusing on diversifying QCM applications.

We have been working on to improve our products with our own fabricating method, and also dedicating more effort into quality control and inspection.
Thus, we are confident that our products are high in quality and stability.

Fortunately, we are receiving good reviews from our customers, most of which relating the increase in their yield rates to the use of our products.
Till now they continue purchasing our products.

Our customer’s satisfaction is our greatest pleasure.
We continuously devote ourselves to offer assurance in product quality to our customers.

Other than improving our current products by strict management and inspection, we have also been working on new development for wider QCM applications in technological and medical field.

Furthermore, we have been expanding our business overseas to receive global cooperation. Our goal is to contribute to a multitude of technological developments for a better future.

Extensive Expertise

Excellent in Design

Design to minimize secondary oscillation

Customization to Meet Customers’ Needs



Reliable Technical Support

Providing consistent technical support

Quality Production

Minimizing individual difference of products

All shipment inspection is enforced

Strict jig management in polishing process

Considering small lot order

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