Film Thickness Monitor Crystal


Film thickness monitor crystal is used for vacuum vapor deposition,
and it is a sensor to measure physical film thickness.

Our product is designed and manufactured by advanced technology.
In fact, we offer products with suppressed variations in oscillation.

In our endeavor to re-fabricate used monitor crystal, not only do we
contribute to recycling, but also inspect and analyze the usage and
feedback the result.


This product has its oscillation intensity increased by undergoing polishing.

Outer DimensionΦ 12.5
Electrode MaterialAuAu
Center Frequency5000kHz5985kHz

Our Product Characteristic

Technical Trait

●We provide before and after sales service

●Fabricating custom order to meet customer’s needs

●Reducing cost and resource exhaustion via recycling

●Knowledge and techniques fully applied by professionals

Production Trait

●From designing, manufacturing to shipping
  all done in our own factory in Japan

●Thorough maintenance of facilities such as clean room    and equipment

●Strict inspection and quality control


Our Advantage


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