Thickness Monitor Glass

●Glasses used for optical film thickness measurement.

Blue board, B-270i, equivalent to BK-7, synthetic quartz, pyrex

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Comparison Table

Standard Size

B-270i, Equivalent to BK-7,
Synthetic Quartz

Blue Board
Φ 14.0 X 1.0tΦ 30 X 1.3t
Φ 22.5 X 1.0tΦ 30 X 1.3t (Blast)
Φ 30.0 X 1.0tΦ 30 X 1.9t (Blast)
Φ 70 X 1.5tΦ 65 X 1.9t
Φ 140 X Φ 80 X 1.35tΦ 70 X 1.9t

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Document for Thickness Monitor Glass