Privacy Policy

Piezo Parts Co., Ltd. (“Our company” hereafter) declares to comply with the
laws and regulations regarding personal information protection act.
Thus, our customers personal information will be properly managed with us
and we ensure to protect our customers personal information.
In fact, we will strive to offer our customers reliability and safety.

Privacy Policy
Our company established privacy policy as follows.
And we make all our employees understand the importance of protecting personal information
and let them comply with privacy policy.

Our company will update our customers personal information to keep the accuracy.
We will take necessary actions to enforce strict management such as maintaining of security system,
improving management system and train employees properly in order to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, tampering, leakage and any other risks.

Purpose of Usage
Through our website contact form, we ask to input following personal information in mandatory field such as
company name, person’s name, e-mail address, telephone number and content.
Although, we only use these personal information under following circumstances either replying to
your e-mail for answering to your inquiry or to contact for informing regards to
our business information with/without attachment. 

In case, we receive a request from principal to disclose his/her own personal information,
we will confirm against the requester whether he/she is the correct principal or not.
After identification, ONLY the requester is admitted as the correct principal to disclose,
we will disclose it promptly. EXCEPT for under following circumstances,
we will NOT disclose neither fully nor partially. If we decide not to disclose,
we will inform the requester that promptly. 

  • In case of these risk possibilities are caused such as the person’s or the third party’s life, body,
    property or any other rights and interests harming.
    (2) In case of there is a risk possibility of significant hindrance against proper implementation to our business.
    (3) In case of violating laws and regulations Regardless the above provisions, log history, characteristics
    or any other information other than personal information will not to be disclosed.

Prohibition of Disclosure and Provision to Third Parties 
We will NOT provide personal information to third parties without obtaining prior principal consent
except for following cases. (Although, we will prior to comply the personal information protection act or any other laws and regulations for any circumstances.)

(1) Based on laws and ordinances
(2) In case of required to protect the human life, body or property and it is difficult
to obtain the consent from the principal at the moment.
(3) In case of particularly required of public health improvement or the sound development of children and it is difficult to obtain the consent from the principal at the moment.
(4) In cases of cooperation required from a national agency or a local public entity
or any other agent who is consigned to carry out the affairs prescribed by laws and regulations.
Moreover, if obtaining the consent from principal will be interference to enforce required cooperation affairs, enforcing required cooperation affairs will be the priority.
(5) In case of below matters which already announced or published in advance.

Ⅰ. Third parties contains in provision due to purposes of use
Ⅱ. Data item needed to be provided to third parties
Ⅲ. Means also method for providing to third parties

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the following cases will not to be applied as third parties.
(1) Under the extent necessary for achieving the purpose of use,
in case of delegating the handling of personal information fully or partially,
and in case of we are required to disclose to our entrusted contractors in order to conduct the service which the customer requires.
(2) In case of succeeded business due to merger or any other reasons to personal information is provided.
(3) In case of we notify the principal in advance or we state in some way to the principal to understand easily regarding the specified agent to use personal information jointly, personal information items to be used jointly,scope of persons, purpose of use, the organization name or name of the person in charge for managing of the personal information.

Security Measures
In order to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information,
We take measures for proper security.

Request of Inquiry, Correction and Deletion 
In case, we receive an inquiry from the principal regards to his/her own personal information,
we will confirm against the requester whether he/she is the correct principal or not. After the identification, ONLY the requester is admitted as the correct principal to provide, we will correspond it promptly.
The principal has a right to request us of the correction or deletion against their erroneous personal information by following our company’s specific procedure.
In case, we receive mentioned above request from the principal and we judge the request is reasonable or not first, then we will confirm against the requester whether he/she is the correct principal or not. After the identification, ONLY the requester is admitted as the correct principal, we will correspond properly and notify the principal regarding correction or deletion complete.

Compliance and Revision 
We will comply under Japanese laws and regulations or any other norms regards to personal information.
We review our policy and improve it appropriately.

  • ■Privacy Policy will be changed without notification.
  • ■The change of Privacy Policy will take effect immediately after posted on this website
    unless we specified separately.

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whether these information matches your demand, or whether saving, copying, or any other method of your usage has the necessary legal rights or not.
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Moreover, we are not responsible of these external websites’ provided entire information, service, etc. We will not guarantee and take any responsibility on our website whether contains harmful substances such as computer viruses or not, whether there are unauthorized access from a third party or not,
or any other safety concerns. 

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If you have any questions or concerns regards to Piezo Parts Co., Ltd.’s Privacy Policy or data processing
or if you would like to make a complaint about a possible breach of local privacy laws and regulations,
please contact us via following contact form or by post.

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