There is a bus or a taxi available at North Exit of Takao station.

“Ongata- bus terminal” is the nearest bus stop to our office for bus use. 

Then, it may take approximately 5 min on foot from the bus stop.


From North Exit of Takao station

20 min earliest, 30 min in rush hour)


Takao Sta. North Bus stop: 1

You may take

Rei-En 22[Nishitokyobus] for Miyamacho


Rei-En 21[Nishitokyobus] for Ongata- bus terminal

When you arrive at Ongata- bus terminal,

please follow the guidance on the map

on right side.


   ※Please use bus-navi for further information:

 ※If you have any trouble finding our office from the bus stop,

       please make a call to 042-652-1101 or +81-42-652-1101 for further assistance.



There is a taxi available at Takao station North Exit.

(We highly recommend you to take a taxi from our closest station, Takao station.)

Please print out the address below and hand the paper to the taxi driver for your convenience.




TEL: 042-652-1101