Feather Pick


Our feather pick consists of a pair of tweezers with a special rubber attached to the tip which lets you pick up tiny and fragile object gently.

Also, it is light and easy to handle;
thus, it is very useful and improves work efficiency.

The rubber used is excellent in durability as well as
heat, oil and chemical resistance.

Moreover, a special coating is applied to render 
the properties of anti-fouling and low friction.

Our tweezers are used in various fields such as
industrial, chemical and even plastic models assembly line, etc.

We welcome individual customers to purchase as well,
please feel free to contact us for further inquiry. 


ShapeStraight Tip
Length140 mm / 5.51″
Width of plate8 mm / 0.314″
Size of rubberM
Heat resistanceMAX 200℃ / 392℉
      Tweezers Size


Chemical Resistance

●Nitric acid 4%


●Methanol and more

Oil Resistance



●Silicon Oil

●Engine Oil and more


Our Advanteges


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